Discovering your vision for creating an extraordinary life

Ward Andrews

After decades of teaching creativity to college students, business leaders, design and software teams, plus amazing people from all walks of life, I’ve learned some people struggle with creating a vision for their life. If you relate, this class is my gift to you...

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Class + Workbook available free

Creating a Vision for your 10/10 Life

Not sure what’s next? Not to worry, I’ll teach you how to tap into your own creative ability. You’ll create a vision for your unique and extraordinary life. A self-paced video series and workbook is provided.


Create Forward Podcast

Exploring how creativity can build a 10/10 life uniquely for each person. New episodes each Tuesday

Mastermind Groups

Creative Explorers Group

The CEG brings curious folks together for conversations and group coaching. Bring our challenges and opportunities to the roundtable discussion twice a month. Apply for the next cohort.


One-on-One Coaching

Two slots open per year. Deep commitment, weekly coaching sessions, serious inquires only.

Grow Yourself Now

Creativity Worksheets

Find new ways of thinking. Patterns of creative thinking distilled down into easy to follow, step-by-step worksheets. This collection will give you a start on ways of thinking about your life and your creative pursuits. These worksheets are used in our Creative Explorers Groups and on the Create Forward Podcast.

Featured Worksheet

The Creativity Wheel

Use the Creativity Wheel worksheet to guide your mind through levels of creative thinking. Each stop on the wheel helps you gain confidence in growing your creativity. Select an intention and see it’s outcome develop through the lens of your creative potential.